[special_heading title=”Design Solutions” font=”cta-title” th_text_align=”text-center”]
[special_heading title=”Our designers through a series of specific questions will tailor the design to suite the customer” font=”cta-title” th_text_align=”text-left”]

There are always lots of options for every room however it is our designers job to find out what you want to achieve whether it be a very functional or practical space specifically designed around your baking requirements or a space designed for entertaining and socialising in that is to become the hub of the party.

[special_heading title=”Sometimes customers will have a pre conceived idea of how to achieve what they want” font=”cta-title” th_text_align=”text-left”]

Our designers don’t just accept this they challenge these thoughts to make sure it is in fact right for the customer. They do this because their experience often offers solution tha the customer has not considered.