Mrs Andrews first approached me after shopping for her Kitchen for some considerable time to no avail. Mrs Andrews felt that the companies that had already attempted the design were not getting the most of the space and she knew there was a better solution for her family, she just didn’t know what it was. She was quite focused on the style she wanted to achieve so our focus was creating a practical family environment ideal for entertaining whilst trying to connect the outside space to the Kitchen. We had the opportunity to remove 2 wall (which we did), we also had the opportunity to suggest where the dining area, snug and Kitchen should fit within the space. Mrs Andrews was delighted with the results of my designs and commissioned me to do the work.
She was over the moon with the finished project. Well wouldn’t you be??
David Nicholls


When we went to visit Dave the biggest problem that we had that no one seemed to be able to solve adequately was that we did not have enough worktop space and the everyone seemed to struggle designing in all the appliances we needed in the limited space we have. Dave with his suggestion of a corner sink radicalised the whole design. We also LOVE the quality of our German Kitchen we only wish our budget could have stretched to integrated appliances to help show of the perfect design for us!